Individual Therapy

1848523831The dread of starting a new week…

The weekend felt so short. Where did it go??

There wasn’t enough time to rest… AGAIN!

This week starts like most others. Exhausted, you ruminate over all the expectations waiting for you.

You know you’re smart and capable, but that self-critic that judges everything you do makes you apprehensive about what’s to come.

But you plow forward in “survival mode.”

You’re good at that… staying busy EVERY SINGLE minute of EVERY SINGLE day.

Pausing or taking a break brings back those unbearable feelings, so you exhaust yourself instead.

Life often feels like a hamster’s wheel: You keep going and going, but you don’t get anywhere.

“If people knew my inner struggles…”

“They would think I’m a total fraud.”

You’ve probably thought that to yourself on more than one occasion.

Pretending that you have it all together while thinking you’re not good enough is draining the joy right out of your life.

2302817697What if I told you…

All those “expectations” you feel hovering over you all the time… they’re there to give you a sense of safety.

And how you feel about yourself – that mean inner critic… those scripts that constantly run through your mind are actually trying to help you.

Right now, you’re probably thinking, “That’s crazy. How can it help me if it TORTURES me??”

Individual therapy can help you understand.

Together, we’ll explore your difficult emotions, thoughts, and beliefs.

We’ll discover how and why those difficulties were created in the first place.

And then we’ll heal the wounds behind them so that you can move forward and live a full life.

Let me explain a little more…

Growing up in this world isn’t easy. Our parents weren’t perfect, some family dynamics were or continue to be difficult, or we experienced trauma. As children, our minds create ways to cope with that adversity, especially when we lack adequate support.

Unfortunately, those coping methods don’t always serve us well into adulthood. In therapy, we’ll get to the root of the wounds behind your struggles. I have special techniques to help you reprocess what happened, liberating your mind and body from the burdens they’ve been carrying.

You’ll heal from the inside out, letting go of the anxiety and trauma for good!

“Healing is not becoming the best version of yourself. Healing is letting the worst version of yourself be loved.”
–Kobe Campbell

“What if I can’t be fixed?”

Is that what you’re thinking? Most people do. Unfortunately, the fear that they can’t “be fixed” keeps them from reaching out for help.

But therapy isn’t about “fixing.” It’s about learning more about yourself… and being compassionate toward all of you.

You’ve read the books and the Instagram posts… now, it’s time to do something that actually works!

No more ignoring the problem or putting it off!

I’m here for you – right here… right now. Call today to schedule your free consultation: (805) 430-4277.