498445486“It’s time. Let’s go!”

It’s time to get ready. You committed to going to this party a few weeks ago. It would be rude to cancel at the last minute.

But when you think about interacting with everyone, the dread creeps in like needles in your stomach.

“What if I act awkward?”

“I always make a fool of myself when I’m nervous.”

“What will people think of me?”

“They’ll probably judge me.”

The nerves and fear escalate to the point that you call and cancel because “you’re sick.”

It’s 3 AM. And you’re awake… as usual.

And, as usual, you’re TRYING to get to sleep. But you can’t…

Your mind’s feverishly replaying everything you did the day before, analyzing every conversation and interaction:

“I can’t believe I said that to my coworker! I should have kept my mouth shut. Why am I always oversharing? Uff! She could share what I said with other people in the office – maybe even our boss.”

You start preparing for “the consequences,” envisioning different scenarios of what could happen and how you could react:

“If I get confronted with what I said about the company, I’ll bring all the times I worked extra time and was a good soldier! If the boss is angry at me, I’ll be extra nice and work harder.”

Constantly ruminating over worst-case scenarios and how you’d solve them, it becomes impossible to sleep.

2180443297So, what happens??

You wake up exhausted and overwhelmed.

Self-doubt swamps you like a heavy blanket.

You feel incompetent and unsure of yourself.

All this even though you’re bright, hardworking, and have overcome many hardships in life.

I understand your struggles.

I know you want to overcome this anxiety and feel better about yourself again. I’ve been there myself.

I truly believe you have what it takes to cope with your anxiety and heal. We all have that capacity inside us, but when you suffer from anxiety, it becomes impossible to see a way out.

I’ve helped many get over their anxiety, and I believe I can help you, too!

Here’s how…

The most important thing in therapy is that you feel safe and comfortable working with me. That’s why I create a safe container for you to work on what’s troubling you. That doesn’t mean therapy won’t be challenging (it will be), but the safety we create together will equip you to take those challenges.

Using EMDR , I’ll help you identify the past events and experiences that cause the anxiety you’re dealing with now. I believe that healing from the root provides lasting results.

As we explore those experiences, I’ll ask you to notice your body sensations, examine your emotions, and observe your thoughts. This is how you’ll become aware of the beliefs and thought patterns giving rise to your anxiety.

We’ll then “reprocess” the pain behind your anxiety so you’re no longer triggered into bouts of dread.

Trust yourself and this process…

You’re in the right place and doing the right thing to overcome your anxiety.

You’re not alone in this! Our sessions will go at your pace, and we’ll address what YOU need each time.

I’m with you every step of the way!

Don’t wait for relief. Call today for your free 20-minute consultation: (805) 430-4277.